The Excellent Solution for your Minis

The carriage is ULTRA lightweight! It is beautifully constructed by any standard, and has the most comfortable seat - even after hours of trail driving.

But things don't end there.

Let's break down the HyperBike for a better look. The following major differences make the HyperBike stand out from its competitors.

hyperbike seat


The Seat

The seat has proven to be extremely comfortable even for extended trail drives. The seat cradles the driver so that even those with back trouble are usually at ease. Contact us if you would like to test out the comfort of the seat before you buy.

hyperbike wheel



One wheel size 24" x 2.125" is available. Two options of the flat profiled and wide tire are available ; the pneumatic and the airless. Both tires give the same flotation in soft strata. The airless tire features the same wide flat footprint as the pneumatic, but with a tough and tight-fitting foam insert. This is the ideal set-up when there is thorn issues or for combined driving events above training level.

hyperbike wheel

Wide Wheel Base

A wide wheel base makes for a better trail ride. At 48" wide, the HyperBike is nearly a foot wider than most standard carriages. The width makes the HyperBike incredibly stable. Combine that width with larger wheels that roll over uneven areas, the ride becomes not only more stable, but more comfortable as well.

While any carriage can roll over if a wheel comes up above its own height, the HyperBike's wheels are usually large enough to prevent this happening.

hyperbike wheel


The shafts of the HyperBike are standard as in any mini-cart but there is no basket between the driver and the mini.

With the HyperBike, you are nearly one with your horse, literally. As a single seater, there is you, your mini, and a lightweight frame designed to take you everywhere.

Three basic shafts are available :

  • A shaft is 48" long and features a bend down. It is generally used with equines measuring from 28" to 32".
  • B shaft is also 48" long and is a straight shaft. It is used on equines measuring from 33" to 37".
  • C shaft is 56.5" long and features multiple bends to provide a natural 4" rise in the shaft set. This shaft is used with equines measuring from 38" to 44".

This provides the ability to fit any equine from 28" to 44" all in one frame, with three wheel locations, 3 shafts and harness tuning. Not only does this make the HyperBike the most adjustable rig in the world but also any changes and adjustments are done without the need of tools.

Click here for information on measuring your mini.

hyperbike wheel


The HyperBike hitches differently. Forget everything you learned in a regular cart! The hitching process is the same - as is the harness - but where the driver sits is a whole new drive. Like a racing sulky, or bike, legs ride up in stirrups. In the HyperBike, feet are actually alongside the horse. Giving the horse a job-well-done pat on the rump is simple: just reach out a hand. Being able to do that is reason enough to drive a HyperBike!

There is ample room for the horse to move out. In fact, the carriage encourages a slow mover to move forward and lengthen. National level pleasure driving miniatures find a true extended trot, easy to maintain. We liken this to having an extra gear...

hyperbike wheel


Looking down the shafts, there are the "stirrups" - the curved bars - for the driver's feet. These are adjustable forward and back, for longer or shorter legs. They also adjust up and down, so your feet can ride higher or lower, whichever is more comfortable. The adjustment is made using the same quick release lever as is used on bicycle wheels. Simply lift the handle, turn it to loosen, make the adjustment, then tighten and flatten the handle. So easy, it can be done on the trail without ever stepping out of the carriage. This is very handy for longer trail ride. Simply adjust the stirrups until the new position is comfortable and drive off for another hour!

The ability to easily adjust the seat and stirrups - without tools - makes the HyperBike suitable for a broad range of drivers in one family. This also makes the HyperBike an option for handicapped drivers when legs are not necessarily equal in length, or have ability to straighten out evenly.

"Easy freedom and spontaneous fun"

Robert Graham

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