About HyperBike

The HyperBike is a miniature horse cart that has been designed specifically for the miniature horse, donkey and small ponies.

The first race-bike produced, focused on lightweight and equine ergonomics. It's imprint as the lightest around was all about easy speed for the mini. The HyperBike would continue to reveal its character over the next twenty years and became an ideal choice for the trail.

We strive to set you and your horse up for success and our belief is that the horse’s comfort should come first. Following the comfort, comes the confidence, letting you focus on your leadership skills in harmony with your horse’s heart and mind.

The design of the HyperBike addresses the horse’s ergonomical needs for specific geometry ; it is not only very lightweight, tough and precise in its construction, but also meets set requirements for "speed" events and classes, freeing the horse to move more, and more naturally.

“Long experience has taught me that that if I can make your horse happy, I will make you happy as well.”

Robert Graham

For any further information, or before ordering, call us on 00 (1) 503 656-0102 or send us your contact details and we will be delighted to help you.