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hyperbike trail
hyperbike trail
hyperbike trail

Welcome to the world of HyperBikes, Wings for Minis.

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Whether they be mini horses, donkeys or mini ponies, most owners would like to share with them more open trail time if the carriage was lightweight, stable and up to, not only the easy forest paths, but also the rougher cross-country terrain. This is possible with the HyperBike ; smaller, lighter and quicker than any other vehicle made for miniatures.

A couple of things set the HyperBike in its very own class. It was created and designed specifically for miniatures. In no way is it a scaled-down version of any pony or horse vehicle. It is also designed to truly understand the minis, physically and mentally.

The original HyperBike is made only by our company, Robert Graham Carriage Works, in the USA. When you contact us, you will speak to a real person, usually the same person ; a person who has built your carriage and knows it inside and out.


For any further information, or before ordering, call us on 00 (1) 503 656-0102 or send us your contact details and we will be delighted to help you.